We decided to launch GOING SOLO because we meet so many enthusiastic and talented singers through our parties and workshops, who deserve the opportunity to record on their own.

Saffron Pooley, who sings Skinny Love so beautifully on our home page video, had a party with BelleStars for her 10th birthday and a solo session on her 13th birthday. We hope to hear more from Saffron. Claudia Cooney, who sings Safe and Sound, including all the harmonies, had just finished performing in Billy Elliott in the West End and is now pursuing a career in singing. You can also hear Trina, who sang an ABBA song for her 40th, with her musical family on backing vocals. She booked a further session to record Songbird.

GOING SOLO is suitable for over 10s who are already having singing lessons.

Emily has not stopped playing her CD. Thank you so much for your
incredible patience
.” Donna Wright-Menzies

"It was the BEST party we've had" Marina Fiorato